Self-Service Enrollment Doesn't Complete Until Reboot

New Contributor II

We've been setting up a bunch of new iMacs for our classrooms and wiping and upgrading some old ones, and have run into a consistent issue with enrollment into the JSS.

With MacOS 10.13.6 and Jamf Pro 10.4, we go to the /enroll page and sign in with valid AD credentials. We skip the user assignment, as students rotate through the labs, and begin the enroll process. It installs the CA Certificate and the MDM Profile configuration profiles, prompting for administrative credentials at the end.

Then it seems to do nothing. The jamf binary is not present on the system and neither is the Manager SSH account that handles the actual heavy lifting. This is pretty easy to confirm by running jamf; finger manager; date in the terminal.

Since there's not an autoadd.pkg anymore, I assume there's no way to load the jamf binary.

How long should it take?

I can force the issue by rebooting the computer and logging in as the local administrator, but I can't find anything in the documentation that requires a reboot before enrollment completes. After logging in the binary and Manager are present. The computer then shows up in the JSS. If I log out, the policies assigned to log out fire, so everything seems to be working at that point.