Self Service icon larger than orther icons in dock on Big Sur

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Tried resetting the dock, reinstalling self service but the icon is always larger than the other icons in the dock. Any reason why? Theres no magnification enabled or anything obvious I can see, the icon uploaded to Jamf is 512x512 as per the recommendations, even the stock icon appears larger than other dock icons.




If you want to be consistent with system icons, preparing an icon in correct size (412x412) placed correctly within a 512x512px PNG file with a properly rounded corners and a drop shadow is unfortunately on you. But this at least gives you freedom to go beyond, as is the case for icons of Automator, Chess, Photo Booth, Preview, TextEdit and the likes.
Refer to Apple's Human Interface Guidelines for more info.


Did you ever solve this?

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I am seeing the exact same issue.

In Jamf, under Settings - Self Service - Branding, it shows "Icon to display on the Login screen and in the header. Recommended 180x180 pixels and PNG or GIF format".

I uploaded a 180x180 pixels icon in PNG format and with rounded corners, but it still shows up as bigger than the other icons on the Dock and it's super annoying.

Was anyone able to find a solution?