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What format do the files need to be in to add them as icons for applications in the self service application?

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I just google image search the application and download the file, I think it supports your standard array of web images. Attached is a screen shot of what my self service looks like

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We use the .icns files that each application already uses - that way we're using the "official" and clean images each app has - GIS sometimes has app icons or representations for popular items, but not so much for the less with GIS, you never know what someone has done to those images....we've seen some "interesting" icon modifications.

And of course, many apps have nice huge icons that look better than the tiny low-res junk in GIS....

To get the Application icon for an app:
1) Right-Click the app
2) Choose "Show Package Contents"
3) Contents -> Resources
...then look the for .icns file (sometimes there are a few, but hey)

The short-cut method
1) From the Filesystem, copy the application (that's right, good ol' Apple-C)
2) Hit Apple-N (or command N...)
3) Save As....

The former method works for 99% of apps...and if not, they are almost always hiding in the app bundle somewhere. The latter method is quicker, but we have seen few bugs in we usually spend the extra minute and use the first method.

The folks at JAMF are probably looking into something to make this easier...