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Jamf Pro 11.5.0 Beta is Now Available

Hello Jamf Nation!We have several exciting new features including new Login functionality, Managed Software Updates enhancements, Packages page redesign, and more! You can find more information in the release notes when you enroll.Starting with the J...  View more

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Hyperproof Hypersync?

Hello to all. My Security Team wants to link Hyperproof Hypersync to our JAMF system. Has anyone heard of this and/or have had success getting this to work? I'm providing the link to HH documentation. https://docs.hyperproof.io/admin/en/hypersyncs/co...  View more

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zsh script to correct OneDrive forbidden characters

Greetings programs!If your org adopts OneDrive for managing user Desktop/Documents, you may run into issues of filename compatibility. I’ve written a couple scripts which replace forbidden characters with underscores (_). This approach uses zsh file ...  View more

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Missing Management Command tab

Hi All,Does anyone know why the Management Command tab (See the attached image -02) is missing from some iMacs on the JAMF? Imac is communicating to the JMAF server but I can not push any software or any commands.Help will be much appreciated  View more

CLG_0-1707431704858.png CLG_1-1707431752014.png
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Show in Jamf Dashboard not working

Since the 11.2 update I can't seem to have the checkbox that says Show in Jamf Dashboard stick on Smart Groups and Policies and Config Profiles. I check it, go to the Dashboard and it's not there. Back in the group the checkbox is unchecked again. Ha...  View more

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Microsoft Office Shared Device Licensing

What is the recommended workflow for deploying MS Office to shared devices such as lab macs? We have been using the BusinessPro package along with the 2019 serializer but this seems to no longer work with the latest versions. We can switch to O365 li...  View more

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Autodesk Removal Script

Autodesk sadly doesn't have a removal script for macOS. So I made one using their collection of random documentation. It removes all Autodesk apps, the system files and user files.One piece missing is FlexNet, since this is used by other Applications...  View more

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Devices no longer showing up for prestage enrollment

So I recently updated the server token in jamf pro for our ABM instance as it expired on the 1st. Both jamf pro and ABM show that they are sync'ed and communicating with each other, however, in jamf pro, when I go to check our existing prestage enrol...  View more

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Too many arguments error in a variable

I am working on a script that will produce an alert message using Swift Dialog if CrowdStrike has logged any malicious behaviors. This is meant for my support team who may be helping one of our users find out if CrowdStrike may be responsible for an ...  View more

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Sonoma, JAMF 11.2 and updates

Hi everyone, i can for the life of me work out how to efficiently deploy updates to my devices. I have been testing with Sonoma 14.0 as a baseline and JAMF 11.2 in the lab.What i want to achieve is deploy an update and allow the end user to defer it ...  View more

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Replacing Carbon Black with Falcon

Hello,First time, long time.My organization has decided to move away from Carbon Black in favor of Falcon. I used CrowdStrike's directions and successfully created a config profile and a policy. Both have been tested and are working. My predecessor h...  View more

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Disable Audio on iPad Lock Screen

Hello! I'm looking for a way to disable the audio on an iPad's lock screen. I'm having an issue where a student is watching a YouTube video with a timer set on a break, timer goes off, iPad gets locked, and the audio from the video that is able to st...  View more

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Policy to insert line in a config

Hello everyoneSorry - I'm new to jamf.I need to create a policy that inserts a line in a config file.Do you have any ideas on how I should proceed here?Best regards  View more

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Firefox Configuration Profile (don't work)

Build an Configuration Profile for test purpose set home folder to https://www.apple.com Profile is installed but Firefox don't react to it at all.Used the policies.json from here https://github.com/Jamf-Custom-Profile-Schemas/JSON-Schema-for-Jamf-Pr...  View more

Screenshot 2024-02-07 at 13.42.16.png
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Help with a script that checks macOS version

Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong? I'm trying to write a script that checks the version of macOS so I can have it trigger a Jamf policy based on the version of macOS that the computer is running. I wanted to account for all versions of Sonoma a...  View more

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iPad Private Wifi (MAC) Address

Found out today that some students have the "Private Wi-Fi Address" option enabled in the settings for their appropriate SSID. We don't want this setting enabled on any of our iPads so we have it disabled in all of our wifi SSID config profiles. I ha...  View more

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New computers presenting an empty dock

Recently new MacBook Pros have been presenting an empty dock after user enrollment. I cannot find any setting that would make this happen. Seems to only happen on brand new computers and not re-provisioned computers. Jamf Pro Version11.2.0-t170567650...  View more

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Jamf App Installers and macOS Onboarding

Does the new feature macOS Onboarding support Jamf App Installers? Why Using Installomator etc. for Basic Apps like Office365 and so on. But in the Settings of Onboarding there is no way to include App Installers or am looking wrong? And when I am go...  View more

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Jamf Pro processes on macOS Sonoma

My company is in the process of getting users to self-enroll their existing MacBooks but we have a few individuals who are reluctant to do this, site various reasons why they won't.One is a concern regarding the amount of CPU/memory consumed by Jamf....  View more

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Jamf connect breaks after Sonoma upgrade.

Afternoon AllIm aware that you need to run this command /usr/local/bin/authchanger -reset jamfconnect. Normal after a software update to authchanger the jamf connect login window. This has been configured in a policy since we installed Jamf connect s...  View more

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