Self Service Install Switched to APP STORE

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We are having a couple of apps within Self Service (Puffin Academy, Kahoot, Jamboard, and Quizlet) whose "install" buttons read "APP STORE" now. When the student clicks on the the button it directs them to the app store which we have removed from the student devices.

I've disabled and re-enabled the app, removed my device from the scope and then re-included myself, refreshed the licenses for one of the apps, etc.

Has anyone else experienced this? This is across all devices in the district with these 4 apps.


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I've just realised the Kahoot app is giving us this message:

This app was removed from App Store. It is no longer available for deployment. The app was automatically removed from Self Service.

This is strange as when I search for Kahoot in the app store it is there. This is quite a big app so find it odd that it's been "removed".

Edit: I found adding the app again in the Mobile Device Apps section now makes it display properly. Seems like Jamf doesn't re-associate lost apps.


@RLR I've experienced the same thing with the Gmail app. After some head scratching I added a duplicate Gmail app, scoped it the same and removed the other non-functioning one. Message didn't return so I went on with my day, but was very weird to say the least.

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In response to the initial message stating that it says App Store instead of Install, we had that issue with EPIC! last year and found that if we check the box that says "Make app managed..." in the app record it fixed the issue. We may have also chosen the next option down to make it managed if currently installed as unmanaged, but I can't remember for sure. Something to do with using the provided license.