Self Service installed Apps not reappearing in Self Service after they were deleted?

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I'm fairly new to casper still, but I've noticed that apps that have been installed via self service, won't reappear within the self service app when an app that was listed there was deleted from the iPad.

I have tried doing a forced update and a blank push and neither seemed to have fixed the problem, the only option was un-enrol and re-enrol the device.

is this common, or has this been fixed in a recent update? I've searched for previous posts but didn't find anything specific to this problem.

We are holding off from pushing updates to the platform, until we have enrolled the entire school.


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Hi Malcolm

Running an 'Update Inventory' should resolve this as the JSS thinks the iPad still has the app installed. If you lookup the iPad in the JSS and check what apps it is reporting are installed, see if your Self Service app is in there, if so, run an Update Inventory to refresh the JSS information. Then re-open Self Service on the iPad and your app should appear.


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Thanks Patrick I will try that next time I encounter the problem. I can't recall but I think I may have completely wiped out any pending or failed app requests from the device inventory. But I will double check and report back if it is not the case.

We have updated to 9.31 now also.

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Ok I have a question, when I deleted the self service app because it wasn’t working properly I couldn’t download it back what do I do.