Self Service iOS app asking for AppleID to install

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Seems like after installing Casper 9.96 I keep getting prompted for my AppleID to install the Self Service app. Other apps install fine, just not the Self Service app. Self Service is a device based assigned app and it has already just pushed out before without asking for the AppleID. Didn't seem like this happened until the update to 9.96. Anyone else having this issue, or an issue with a specific app?


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We have this happening as well with 9.96. All iPads running 10.0.2 Although, I noticed that I do have to UNCHECK :

""Make app managed if currently installed as unmanaged""

in the Mobile Device Apps section, I had to go through all of our 75 apps and make sure none of them have this enabled. ....yes fun .... - doing this make our popup happen less often (before you could have just stand there and be clicking "CANCE" for 25 times. ...

BTW, we have a check out iPads that we want to "preload with 75 apps (or more) done via VPP. Distributed to the Device Based Assignment. (all that works) .... its just the darn popups!!!! I will be double checking my work from yesterday. to make sure I did not miss a couple.

I found that it was not only limited to the Self but to others as well.

I would love to find out if there is a way to AUTO LOGON to the Self Service application as well.

Good Luck!


Silent install of Self Service via device based VPP has been working fine on our fleet of iPads even with "Make app managed if currently installed as unmanaged" enabled (in the created app object with device licenses allocated). However, I did need to go Settings > Mobile Device Management > Self Service and set Install Automatically to Manual. Maybe you still have that set to automatic, and it is trying to use user-based licensing when you get promoted for the Apple ID?