Self Service Management Action

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Hello. I am new to JAMF and learning the admin system console as I go. I am getting a "Management Action" message for Important Microsoft Outlook will quit in 15 minutes, etc. Been trying to figure out how the former admin employee set this up and how I can fix this message or at least not let it interrupt the user? It seems to keep shutting down Outlook when this message appears. Not sure where to navigate in the JAMF Pro admin console to find this issue.

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Hi @user-FIzCYLGfKd That comes from a patch management policy. If you go into Patch Management, locate the software (Outlook) and open it up. Then look for the Patch Policies tab and open that. If there's more than one definition for a patch, you'll need to open them one at a time. In each there is a User Interaction tab that defines what shows up in that dialog.

Unfortunately I don't believe you can disable those messages from coming up, short of turning off the patching for that title itself. I may be wrong, but I don't see any way to disable just the user interaction messages but leave the patch definition in place.