Self Service Mobile not pushing

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I'm trying to deploy the self service mobile app rather than use the web clip but I'm having difficult pushing it to all of my iPads. Some are getting it and some aren't. I've started to go through my mobile device list and look at the installed apps on each iPad looking for the self service mobile app. I've tried to do an "update inventory" on some of the machines but I get stuck on the "Installed App List" command. For those that it installs on the app works great.
All I want to happen is for the web clip to go away and the mobile app to take it's place.


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Having trouble like that myself. Sometimes if you delete all the pending and failed commands and then update inventory it starts downloading scoped apps again

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I often find that on the iPads that the app does not push to you will find a failed app install or failed push commands, when I clear these and do an inventory update it tends to work.

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