Self Service mobile app: observations

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Good work with the mobile app guys!

- I found all the applications i had inside the new Self Service app had low resolution icons. Most likely due to the limitations of the web app previous downloading low res art. So deleting the re-adding the apps will pull down new higher res icons. I don't have a large catalog, so won't take me too long to update, maybe troublesome for others. looks nice!

- Adding new apps while self service is open, then refreshing the app causes it to crash for me. iOS 7.1.2 on an iPad mini retina. Anyone else seeing this?

- One app i tried to add in JSS wouldn't pull down the icon automatically, 'Slack - Team Communication'. Tried Australian and US stores. I've never added this app previous. Couldn't reproduce the same issue with several other apps I tried to install. Anyone else seeing a similar issue?

That's it for now, once again guys good effort on the first release of this app!



For some reason whenever my test iPad connects to JAMF (via an Inventory Update command), the Self Service App deletes itself. :(

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I had a few apps that would not upload their icons automatically (Paper by 53 being one). Deleting and re-adding did not work.

To fix: download the app to a computer and change the .ipa extension to .zip. Expand. Rename the iTunesArtwork file to have a .jpg extension, upload this icon manually to the JSS on the Self Service tab of the app's configuration.