Self Service Not Appearing Immediately After Mac OS PreStage

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Good afternoon nation,

We are using PreStage to enroll Mac OS Sierra 12.3 Macbook Airs.

We are seeing sometimes that Self Service is not immediately available, sometimes taking up to 5-10 minutes to appear. When this happens, our technician user account which is supposed to be created on PreStage enrollment is not available, and the jamf binary is not available via command line (sudo jamf policy--command not found, etc.)

Eventually everything pops in and we can roll with deploying the user Apps via Self Service, but this random lag time is killing us.

Any thoughts?


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This! I had this exact same thing happen a few days ago. I had a similar set of machines enroll and configure via DEP on the same day without issue. The difference? The machines that DEP enrolled and SelfService, Jamf Binary was available right away, those systems were enrolled in DEP on a completely unrestricted wireless network that had no network filters/proxies. Still working with my network team to determine if the issue is with our wonky networks or issues with Apple/DEP/Jamf

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I am having similar issue but the MacBook never enroll. We prestage enrolled 205 MacBook Air. When we went through the set up process, several of them (15%) did not enroll into JAMF; they were all entered into Prestage at the same time. I found their serial numbers in the Prestage but not in the Computer search tab. I tried to restart, shutdown, resubmit prestage, and finally Command R reset on MacBook and the one I was working with still did not enroll. Is there a different way to reset?

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We also have some that won't bring up the PreStage enrollment screen. For those we have to go back to Wi-Fi selection and then go forward again and retry this until the PreStage enrollment appears.

I doubt this is a networking issue on our end since the problem still occurs when I join them to our protected Wi-Fi that allows access to everything, but I won't rule anything out since I've seen crazy things in my time with Apple and JAMF.

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I'm having a similar problem with my test machine. I cannot expect my end users to go back to the Wi-Fi selection screen and hope that they eventually get the Configuration Profile properly installed.

At this point in my testing I feel that it will just be easier to re-image all of my devices, instead of allowing Students to go through the Zero Touch Deployment process.