Self Service Policy Category not updating


Since the new version of JAMF Pro has been released we are having issues with categories.

2 main issues:
When we create a new policy the policy does not display correctly in self-service - shows fine in Admin UI
Updating an existing policy with different category does not update in self-service - shows fine in Admin UI 

Wanted to see if this was happening for others before raising a support ticket. 


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I'm seeing the following:

Mac: Policy configured to run via Self Service does not automatically set checkmark for Category
Mobile: App install via Self Service unable to set checkmark for Category. The category is grayed out.

Thanks for the response.
Seems like our issue not a common one. I'll keep an eye on it and log a support case if still a problem. 


We've been able to figure out what is happening and just wanted to share in case others have the same issue. 
Discovered through API that the self service category meta tags are being stripped and not updating on modification. Also similar for newly created.

These tags marked in bold are consistently missing on Policies that are not displaying correctly in Self Service. 
<self_service_categories> <category> <id>17</id> <name>Web Browsers</name> <display_in>true</display_in> <feature_in>false</feature_in> </category> 

 As a work around, this can be manually updated for affect policies via the API. I've been told there is meant to be a PI active for this but I could not get the details to come up in the JAMF Pro known issues.