Self-Service Problem for one Account on one Mac

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we are having an interesting case where it is not possible to log on to Self-Service from one account on one Mac. When someone is logged in to that account, it does not matter which account is used to log in to the Self-Service, we get a message 'Can not connect to the Jamf Pro server' and the red 'Reconnect' button. The menu item 'View / Reload Self-Service' is greyed out. 'Reconnect' does not help at all.

When another account is used on the same Mac logging in to the Self-Service works fine.

I already removed '~/Library/Caches/com.jamfsoftware.selfservice.mac/' for the account in question, but this does not help.

To me this looks like some corrupted cache or preferences, but I have no more idea where I need to clean-up. Removing the framework and re-enrolling the Mac will most likely cure this, but I think this is overkill and I really would prefer just to remove the offending settings or cache.

Any hint where to look?



Hey @mschroder im sure you don't have this problem anymore.. but I just did. And we figured out that ours was caused by a bad keychain entry.

User login was enabled and the users info was saved with "Remember me" check box, but the info did not work.

So on next launch Self Service would not connect. I opened keychain and cleared anything that came up when a searched "self" in the login keychain and it resolved the issue!