Self Service 'this item is no longer available'. custom event once per computer

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I have a bunch of self service policies to install printers. Each policy first runs a script that calls the custom event which install the printer driver first, and then it installs the printer.  A few years ago I was able to set the custom event policy to  a frequency of 'once per computer' and the printer driver wouldn't install multiple times since we use the same driver for all our printers. So when a user installs a second network printer it wouldn't reinstall the same driver since it did earlier.  The Self Service screen would just go on as normal.

But a few years ago it changed somewhere with JAMF that now when the person installs the second printer the self service screen displays 'ThIS ITEM IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE'  but in the background it still completes the printer install and run recon to update the computers inforamation.

Why did self service suddenly start displaying 'THIS ITEM IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE'?

it confuses users who add printers when they see that message,  so I have to keep the frequency at 'ONGOING' so this 'NO LONGER AVAILABLE' message does not display.  So the same printer driver is installing multiple times for no reason.


So a policy to install a printer --> has a script that calls the custom event which installs the printer driver.

so 2 policies, always works great but this 'THIS ITEM IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE' message creates unnecessary problems.


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They way we have it setup is the printer drivers install with the rest of our standard configuration (security applications, office, ext). The user can elect to add whatever printer with SS later. The Policy that installs the printer does not have any relation to the printer drivers as those would have been installed when the device was originally configured. 


We do have the printer drivers set to ongoing in selfservice if someone for whatever reason needs to reinstall them, there is also an uninstaller. This policy is only ever triggered by its custom event when the device configuration is ran.