Self Service URL plug-ins not displaying in Mavericks

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I have setup Self Service URL plug-ins which work fine on Macs running Mountain Lion, but when I open Self Service on a Mac running Mavericks I am unable to see the plug-ins. I am running Self Service Version 9.2. Has anyone come across this?


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Run the following command:

sudo jamf manage -verbose

Can you copy+paste the output from that into the forum if the plugins don't reappear?

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I am having the same issue using Mavericks after our JSS upgrade to 9.3. JAMF Manage is not completing successfully. I am re-imaging the machine to see if I get the same results on a 3rd machine. Everything has been working fine until we upgraded the JSS last night. Existing machines are fine even after getting the new binary, only newly imaged machines are being affected.