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Hi All,

We are currently testing out Jamf (currently in a Meraki environment). One of our biggest issues has been the amount of time Self Service takes to push down on the devices once they are enrolled (sometimes as long as 5 - 10 minutes). This would be very problematic when issuing out new devices. Does anybody have a solution to make sure Self Service is installed before the user hits the home screen (or soon after)?



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Are you waiting for the app install MDM command to process or the VPP license assignment to happen? I've found the delay is usually in getting a device based VPP license. After that, downloads happen almost immediately. To test, delete Self Service, update inventory and see if it installs quicker the next time.

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Hello Jared,

How many apps are you pushing to the devices? I've notice that it takes a while for the self service to install if you have many apps trying to install at the same time. I think that iPads can only install three Apps at a time.


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VPP license assignment is almost certainly the bottleneck here. It should be appreciably improved in 9.101, as the VPP Helper can send 50 VPP assignment requests at once as opposed to the previous 10, but given enough volume you may still see issues.

I've tried to find a solution to ensure that Self Service is assigned before anything else, but have yet to come up with one that doesn't have world-breaking failure potential.

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It must be the VPP assignment as @cbrewer stated. We are not pushing any apps to the device (they are all going to be in Self Service).

@bburdeaux Someone mentioned this as a temporary solution: Create a Smart Group that looks for devices without the Self Service Mobile app and push down a temporary Web Clip Self Service.

It would be nice if the app could be ready right when the user gets to the home screen, but I don't think that is going to be possible.