Send Email with list of Apps

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What i want to do is when a machine is done imaging via DEP it sends an email to an account with serial number, user and model. This I have working in a script. I now what to add a list of applications that are installed, when it completes.

I want to run this script first and then attach the file applist.txt


get list of all current apps installed

appVersionList=$(mdfind -onlyin /Applications '' -attr "kMDItemDisplayName" -attr "kMDItemVersion" | sed 's/^.*kMDItemDisplayName//' | sed 's/kMDItemVersion//g' | tr '=' ' ' | sort >> /tmp/applist.txt)

exit 0

Here is the script for sending the email.


sHost=$(networksetup -getcomputername)
theserial="$(ioreg -l | grep IOPlatformSerialNumber | sed -e 's/."(.)"/1/')"

sUser=$(id -F) # this finds system admin as it is running using sudo

user=$(ls -l /dev/console | awk '/ / { print $3 }')
model=$(ioreg -l | awk '/product-name/ { split($0, line, """); printf("%s ", line[4]); }')

echo $sHost

echo $theserial

echo $model

echo $user

mail -s "Apple DEP Image Completed: $sHost" "" <<EOF
DEP imaging done for machine $sHost
Serial: $theserial
User is: $user
Model is: $model

Anyone know the command lines to do this.


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Sure, remove the (below) so the list of apps remains in the appVersionList variable. Now copy this line to the email script and you'll be able to do Apps are: $appVersionList.

>> /tmp/applist.txt