Sending logs to a loghost

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Hi Everyone,

I'm wondering how I can send logs (event logs and server logs) to a remote log host such as Datadog?

I'm tasked with collecting logs from jamf-pro cloud into our centralized log server. We're evaluating datadog as our log tool but have flexibility to change this.

I don't see any settings within the jamf-pro dashboard to send logs elsewhere and I'm unable to install the datadog log agent on the cloud server. Are there other options?

It looks like I can create webhooks for each event type and send the data to datadog via a json payload. I wonder if the payload is formatted in a way datadog can receive it.


Thank you!




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@DorisMulcahey Well, I don't know if that's even possible if your Jamf Pro is hosted on JamfCloud. You need to go with Jamf Premium Cloud ( We are ingesting several Jamf Pro logs directly into DataDogHQ, but all our Jamf Pro servers are on-prem.