Server has a weak, ephemeral Diffie-Hellman public key mac server Chrome error connecting JSS

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I'm trying to access the JSS weblogin and getting the following error.

Not being a Mac guru as such, can anyone advise to how i can resolve this?

I can use IE fine to access JSS.



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This is due to the ciphers used to secure the tomcat connection (https) on the server. More of a recent thing with Chrome.

What version of Casper are you running and what's the server?

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This will walk you through getting your ciphers updated to be compliant with Chrome, safari in El Capitan, etc.

We had the same problem with Safari in El Capitan and some of our Deskside people who use Chrome, so we updated our ciphers following this article and there are no further conflicts. Ciphers are not updated when you upgrade an existing JSS for a number of reasons, so this has to be done even if you are on the most recent version of Casper Suite. New/clean installs of the JSS do include the updated ciphers.