Set a static IP on ipads

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Is there a way to assign a static IP to an ipad either using wifi or the Lan connection ?


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It’s possible to change the IP address to a static address. This seems like it would be difficult to manage though. I have used DHCP reservations to force the iPad to get the same address every time. If you are using LAN adapters just be aware that the MAC address is in the external adapter and that will determine which address it gets.

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What's the reason for you to want to set a Static Address (?) perhaps there are other Options better suited / better manageable...

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I need to set a static IP for retail/restaurant Point of sale systems, they must be static to talk correctly If not static, then i suppose i could do DHCP reservations
I don't see the abilty to assign static IPs using Jamf

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On iOS Jamf can only do what is provided by the framework and I don’t see an option to configure the IP address in

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JAMF is the wrong tool for this. Set a Reservation on your DHCP server for each iPad with a fixed IP address.