Set Device Name with Inventory Preload

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Hi Jamfs,

Using Inventory Pre-load for our AppleTV enrollment and it's working great. But hoping there is a way to re-name the AppleTV at enrollment time so when it enrolls in Carousel is has better descriptive name other than AppleTV. If I could name the device in the Preload it would resolve this issue for me. Issue is I don't see an option in the Pre-load template to name the device. Not being able to re-name the AppleTVs causes confusion not know who enrolled the devices.



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Within the prestage, there should be a section called Mobile Device Names.
In there, you get a number of options Default Names, List of Names, Serial Numbers, and Single Name.

If all your devices are being named AppleTV it sounds like the setting is on Default Names.

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Thanks for the reply but in my case I'm looking for something for specific for each device. In the pre-stage that seems to be more for standard naming convention for all devices. 

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Any news on this case?


I've got the same problem. It seems only way is to update the devices after enrollment with MUT. It isn't very pratical.

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Yes that is currently the only way