Setting up a test environment when your Jamf instance is hosted

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Our production site is currently being hosted by Jamf and, and as a result, we don't have a viable test instance to work with.

While we can easily set up a local test instance, jamf can't/doesn't provide database dumps from hosted installs, so we can't get a usable data set into our test instance.

Anybody else in this scenario and have a viable option for creating a test environment that accurately simulates your live one?


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Jamf Pro Services has a tool they're working on for this: JamfMigrator

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I've used JamfMigrator..

It's a bit hit and miss..

I found that by selecting one at a time does the job. (i.e 'computers')

Screenshot attached.

Also, can't you do a database backup and restore to new server?

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Sadly Jamf does not provide database dumps for jamfcloud.


We were in the same boat. Jamf Migrator was terrible. I tried it multiple times and it failed on various pieces each time. Actually had my test instance reset multiple times. At the end of the day I setup a local JSS used the old JSSMigrationUtility to go from Cloud to Local and then from Local to Cloud test and that finally worked.

Script Here

Note that there are some post migration steps such as uploading your actual packages to the test instance and configuring various pieces that need to be completed but it works.

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have you tried this? [](link URL)