Setting up a test JSS instance

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I've read through some other discussions with setting up personal JSS's and I've set up some QA JSS instances on premise at work using a Mac mini and their DNS. But being remote and having a few macs here (not personal) on my home network to test with, I wanted to find out what would be needed to get a real like-for-like experience in a home network environment.

Do I need a FQD? or does something like TestJSS.local work? or do I need to set up a dyndns with a URL or what would be the best approach of this be to properly be able to use APN and Profiles? I think thats the only process I'm not 100% sure on.

In the past I've set this up before but I think there were some issues with doing deployments due to the way I set up the domain/naming structure.

Thanks in advanced.


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If you want to set up a real testing enviroment you also need push certificates. FQDN is needed than. I think you will not get a certificate for a DynDNS-Domain.

I did the same lastely and I took a very cheap virtual server from a server hosting service with Ubuntu Linux. Domain included, SSL Certificates included, no worries about reachable ports and DynDNS. I even had not to care about the DNS entries. Aaannd i can use the Test-JSS anywhere i want. You have to harden the virtual server but if its get hacked - hey its a testing enviroment - whipe it...start again.