Setting up Backgroud

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I set the desktop background in managed preferences to our companies background at the user level at every login but it seemed to only work once. Is there a way to set it up so it does it everytime the user logs in?


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There are probably other ways but I am just pushing a DMG from Casper of the following.
/System/Library/CoreServices/DefaultDesktop.jpg I doesn't prevent users from changing it, but it seems to apply to all new user on a machine.
If your wanting to force users to always use a specific background it probably wouldn't do it, although you might be able to find where the user equivalent is and have it apply a new jpg every login... slow and messy though, or alternatively push a launchagent that did it all client side every login.

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Navigate to Computers > Configuration Profiles and create a new Profile. Then set the Profile to be User specific and create a "Restrictions" payload. Click "Desktop" and Lock the background to whatever you want. You could save the picture you want in a folder like "/.company/background.jpg" and use that as the path.