Setting up Lease Dates

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I would like to have JAMF keep record of lease dates for all of our devices. I am planning to manually enter each lease date directly onto each device record. My question is if there is an easy way to be alerted when a device has this lease date removed (ex. when wiped) so that I know it needs to be added back. The relevant information I would need in these reports are the lease date and serial number. If there is any scripting to be done, I would love if I can be pointed in the right direction. Once I can get this set up, I will set up reports that will let me know when lease dates are nearly up.

If there is another more useful way to ensure these lease dates stay on permanently, please let me know


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You can add that info in an "Inventory Preload". Its a spreadsheet you create, I pull a lot of it from ASM as we have devices added. Its permanent, it tracks serial number, if you wipe or remove a device the preload will put the info back.
Once the inventory data is setup and loaded into Jamf, you can create Smart groups to look for the results i.e lease ending dates.

Inventory Preload is in Settings then Global Settings.
Open it up and it will give you a spreadsheet look, there is a Template download button at the bottom right. And you can upload your filled out sheet there too.
Serial Number is important, it uses it to track the devices.
Fill it in as much as you need, then upload it. No need to manually enter the data to each record. You can fill it in before the devices are set up. That is what I do with my new stuff, I get a notification that new devices have been added to ASM, I sign in and then download the info. Then transfer the Apple info to the Preload sheet, and upload to Jamf.

This is great, but we have over 100+ devices already set up with different lease dates. I can add all of them in about an hour or so, I'm more worried about when the device is wiped, trying to figure out what the lease date is. Would I need to do multiple preloads or can the system figure out that it should pull the same one?

I just use the one Preload sheet to keep my data in. When I add new devices I upload the whole thing complete with the new devices. If you have uploaded the preload to the system it then stays there and wiping a device is no problem. When the device enrolls it will pass its serial number across to the server, which reads the data from the preload and applies it to the device record.
I believe the preload data is saved in lines based on the serial number, so uploading multiple sheets with different data should not affect the already existing preload data. But I have not looked into this or tried it out.

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I would use MUT to add the lease details to your machines, it will be much more efficient than manually editing device records.
At the same time, I would use inventory preload. That way the data gets auto-applied even after a wipe.

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This looks awesome! I'll have to dive deeper into this