Setup SNMP with a Config Profile or Policy

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Hi all, I have a few new Mac mini's that have been setup in a data center. I'd like to create a policy or configuration profile to do the necessary changes to get SNMP up and running on Mavericks (Server). I checked online and found a few outdated or sparse documents that mentioned the manual process:

Archived 10.1.5:

For 10.5

Has anyone setup SNMP on Mavericks that can provide the current manual steps and let me know if they've been able to get a policy to deploy out?

Some things i've noticed are "/etc/hostconfig" which is referenced states that "This file is going away" when you open it up. There are no options for SNMP in "snmpconf" is probably still the correct tool to create the configuration file.. AppleCare couldn't help with any guidance. Said I'd need an Enterprise agreement (which is in the works, but not set up yet).



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So, rather than try to post ALL THE SNMP here, a couple of links to some things I wrote a while ago on SNMP, covering v1/2c/3 setup, and the basics of using them:


They're a bit long, but they should get you started. By default, Apple puts their sample snmpd.conf file in /etc/snmp. This is probably more correct, as it's a conf file, but the traditional place for it is /usr/share/snmp. Either works.

Once that's done, (and snmpd can't be running when you set up snmpv3), the starting snmp is just standard launchctl stuff:

sudo launchctl load /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/

and you're set. v1/v2c config files can just be copied about. For v3, that probably won't work, but you should be able to automate that via scripting without a ton of trouble.