Shared Computer Activation for Office 365 Mac Feature Request

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Hello everyone!

It seems as though Microsoft is encouraging customers to move to Office 365 licensing rather than volume licensing where possible. Unfortunately, for customers that manage labs, classrooms, and clusters, etc, there is no Mac equivalent version of "Shared Computer Activation" for Mac as there is for the Windows version:

I wanted to make everyone here aware of this feature request at the official Microsoft Office 365 user voice feedback page:

If this is a feature that would be useful to you I would encourage you to login and vote it up. I know personally having this as an option would help us get away from Office volume licensing for a large number of our public, multi-user computing installations, especially since Office 365 versions of the suite now include features that are not available in the volume-licensed versions.




Have you seen this

Not sure if it will do what you are requesting but might be a start

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I have seen it, but my understanding is that it’s not the same, as it looks like you still need to activate it with one license, then other users that login can use that license.

Shared Computer Activation doesn’t require a license be permanently assigned to a public workstation - it does a temporary activation for each user with a valid Office 365 login when the applications are launched.