shared iPad provisioning

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Hi all.

I'm just wanting to reach out to anyone provisioning shared iPads with MDM in an environment that has restrictions on (802.1x) WiFi. The situation I'm in is that the higher-ed that I work for is governed by federal government metadata laws that require us to record all internet activity to a user account on our wireless network, essentially we are considered an ISP/RSP. This makes life extremely difficult in that I can't use 1 set of shared credentials to provision iPads, instead each user needs to sign into the wireless network. This isn't an issue for 1 to 1 iPads but is impossible in situations where iPads are shared in classes or where users don't have credentials (visiting students etc). We did have a free WiFi network but that has been turned off so that's not a possibility.

If you are in this situation what solution(s) have you come up with? Some ideas that have been thrown around are...

• wireless to ethernet bridge - possible as our wired network is exempt to the metadata laws (please don't ask me to explain this as I don't fully understand why), iPads won't be able to "roam" away so not the best solution
• 4G hot spots - great for a small set of iPads but not great for any more than 5 or so, also data plans are an issue (cost, speed etc), like the bridge devices won't be able to roam
• iPads with 4G/cell - possible for new purchases but doesn't help existing iPads. Increased cost of device and data plans are an issue

Any advice/suggestions would be helpful.