Shared iPads

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Two questions:
1. Interested in testing a Shared iPad configuration on an new iPad.  But how do I undo it once testing done - convert back to standard ipad. 

2. How to I convert an existing ipad to a shared ipad, it has already been enrolled in Jamf at a normal configuration.  All the documentaiton refer to new imports from ASM, not converting an existing iPad.. 


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It depends on the Prestage Enrolment the devices go through. In Jamf pro you will need to go to Devices > PreStage Enrollments. Create a new prestage enrolment with the shared iPad settings then add the test iPad to the scope of this prestage enrolment. Wipe the iPad and then go through the setup process. The Prestage Enrolment settings will force the iPad to have the settings you choose.


A device can only belong to one prestage enrolment so you will need to un-assign it from it's current one to assign it to a new one. So once you finished testing your shared iPad, wipe it and move to the other Prestage Enrolment.


I have the same problem. I had an ipad that was configured as a shared ipad. I changed its pre-enroll place, i reformatted it a bunch of times (from jamf console, using apple configurator, from inside the settings application). its gets the correct NON shared ipad pre-enroll, but still it always asks me to log on and has a guest option in the lower right!!! i have two ipads stuck like this now... no idea how to clear out this setting. The "adjust shared ipad" setting in jamf has no option to disable it, just switch between managed apple login or guest... 


gahhh so frustrating!!! i double and triple checked that the pre-enroll does not enable shared ipad (the checkbox is NOT checked...)


under general ,it says "shared ipad = yes" but what the hell is setting it!!!

bwahaha... one of the three stupid tokens expired! in this case it was the DEP token  "automated device enrollment" expired last month... 

Go to apple school manager -> username lower left -> Your MDM servers -> JSS -> download token and then upload to:

https://<JSS URL>/deviceEnrollmentProgramInstances.html?id=2&o=u