Should I create a new mdm server in ABM?

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Hi. New to jamf, so forgive me if it’s a stupid question.

We already have an mdm set up up in ABM with Jamf pro for our company iPhones. We are now moving our Macbooks into jamf pro also. Would it make sense to create a separate mdm sever for the MacBooks. Or should I just use the current jamf pro mdm server, and add the MacBooks onto that on ABM. Thanks.


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Use the same. Then test.


Devices should be already in ABM, it is not usually IT Admins do. If devices not in ABM, then you need to use Apple Configurator to add to ABM, once devices are there, you can assign to any MDM you want, however, if you will be using Jamf then you need to add in same MDM, otherwise you need to buy another instance from JAMF as you can not use same token in two different instance as far as I know.