Shrink Wrapped Devices in Single app mode - app not installed error

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I'm struggling to find a workflow that allows us to pre-populate Casper 9.8.2 with the settings to ship shrink wrapped devices to our customers to be used as retail POS kiosks.

The boiled down scenario is:

  • DEP enrolled devices
  • Assigned to Casper in DEP portal
  • Prestage enrolment setup to supervise etc
  • New device serial number added to Smart mobile device group
  • 'Vend Register' scoped to smart mobile device group using VPP device assignment
  • Configuration profile setup with one payload to 'single app mode' device group to Vend Register app

All sounds pretty straight forward, but it doesn't work. DEP and MDM enrolment work fine, but Capser tries to app lock the device to Vend Register before it's been installed which renders the device useless. The home button is inactive, and if you manage to wake the screen by plugging in a power cable the iPad does not respond to touch and reports an error on screen to contact the administrator because the selected app is not installed.

Our workaround has been to scope the configuration profile with single app mode payload to individual devices (not the smart group) and only add a device to the scope once we receive notification from the end user that Vend Register has been installed successfully, but by that time the end user could also have done all manner of things to the device that we've had no way of controlling.

We really want the end user to receive shrink wrapped devices that we haven't even touched, which only require them to add them to their wifi network, then the app installation and app lock is automatic. Does anyone have any tips on how we can do that?


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How about a second smart group with Member Of the first group AND App = 'Vend Register'. The app installation should run a command in a couple of minutes to verify the app was installed, and then the iPad will join the second group and lock it down.