shutdown, log off, restart buttons not showing on yosemite

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I've got a lab with yosemite installed. I configured a configuration profile with a login window payload.

Currently its set to show name:password as well as the shutdown button.

However, when a user logs in, then just walks off. The computer will lock, and we cannot get another user logged in until we hardboot the mac.

Any ideas on how to make sure the shutdown/restart/log off buttons will show when the computer has been locked due to inactivity? The login option for "show the shutdown/restart/logoff buttons" is enabled -- they just dont show.


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If you turn on fast user switching the lock screen will include a switch user button, this will take you back to the normal login screen which includes shutdown, restart etc... You may also need to add permissione to all users to allow restart and shutdown otherwise it will prompt you for an admin account when you try.
Running the following commands once will allow that for ALL users. Good for a lab environment, but maybe not something to allow on Staff machines etc...

security authorizationdb write system.shutdown allow
security authorizationdb write system.restart allow