Side effect of blocking YouTube

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I have created a Configuration profile that will block YouTube on our iPads. What I am finding out is that this has a negative side affect on some websites.

To wit: needs to access When I go in to the configuration profile/content filter/ and allow, it still does not work. I have this same issue with when I add it to the allowed URL section of Content Filter within the Configuration profile.

I have been able to exclude iPads from the scope of this configuration profile and things work. However, that effectively allows YouTube at all times. So...where to go?

I want to block YouTube, but allow other sites that rely on YouTube to work. I was hoping the Allowed site of would supersede the blocklisted URL of * Was I wrong in hoping this was the case?





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What is your environment? Business, K12, Higher Ed, etc? On device blocking doesn't have a whole lot of nuance. If the domain is blocked but you allow a subdomain the blocked domain will supersede that. In your case you used a wildcard so will be both allowed and blocked. 

You could always use your on-premise DNS server(if one exists that is) to force Youtube into it's most restrictive mode. Not a total block for sure, but I think you need to invest in a content filter versus using on device blocking.