Sierra account lockouts (not related to TouchID)

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I've been working with my Sierra testers, trying to nail down the cause of frequent AD account lockouts. We've done all of the normal troubleshooting we do for account lockouts with no real obvious signs.

Here's what just happened with me:
I've been logged in on my brand new 2016 MBP since this morning. (TouchID has been disabled) I connected to the server to mount my network home folder on the desktop and then I put it to sleep by closing the lid. I let it sit there sleeping for several hours. Just a minute ago I checked my own account and it showed zero bad password attempts. I then simply opened the lid on MBP and successfully logged in to unlock it from sleeping. As soon as I got to the desktop, I re-checked my account status and it showed 1 bad password attempt even though I did NOT type my PW incorrectly. I let it sit there for several minutes while I kept checking my account status. It didn't change. I then unmounted my network home folder from the desktop and closed the lid. I waited a few seconds and then checked my account.... it was locked! I unlocked it and then opened the lid on my MBP again. I logged in successfully and checked my account again. zero bad attempts. I closed the lid again... checked my status again... 2 bad password attempts! It looks like closing the lid/putting to sleep is causing some bad attempts! My other Sierra test users are on pre-2016 MBPs.

Can anyone else confirm this behavior is happening to them?


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Yup: Sierra AD Account Lockout when setting up iCloud

It is a kerberos bad password attempt bug in 10.12.0-2. Fixed in 10.12.3 betas.

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I think it's safe to assume at this point that Sierra overall (10.12.0-.2) has major AD/account/password issues. These issues are supposed to be fixed in 10.12.3.

If you can install the beta of 10.12.3 and see if the issue you describe above still happens, that would be interesting to find out. But until 10.12.3 comes out, expect these issues to be the norm.

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I saw that post previously when it was just about iCloud, but it was TL;DR so I didn't see the additions about waking from sleep. Thanks for pointing it out to me again.