Sierra App Store Restriction Bypass

New Contributor III

Being a school district, we do not allow our lower grades to have access to the app store except for updates. I found recently that I had some middle schoolers bypassing the restriction. This is how they did it:

In Sierra, there is an ad basically to upgrade to High Sierra, from there you can click the link to the page within the App Store, then go to the category you want from the menu on the right, then basically find whatever you want to install.

I had an issue like this before in El Capitan where they could go to a different country's store and then navigate around the restriction.

Does Apple not understand what they are doing with this restriction or what? Does anyone have any recommendations on what we could do? I have already made a Restricted Software entry for the app store until this is sorted out. I could just add the updates to self service, but there are other issues like VPP invitations that I think still have to go through the app store, but maybe that is not the case in JAMF pro 10. Thanks.