Single Microsoft License

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We recently had two different departments ask for a few ipads which will be shared among several users. Some of the apps they are requesting to have on the iPads is Microsoft Office Products such as Word or PowerPoint. I know Shared iPads is a thing, but unfortunately the person who would need to set up all these managed accounts for SSO ability would not be able to work on that for months. So right now our only option is to have the iPads being shared without separate logins. However it seems in order to be able to use Microsoft Apps, it seems they would need to log in with a license on each device. It is my understanding that our licenses are O365, and thus are tied to individual user accounts. Is there a way to have one generalized license (like how Volume Licenses used to be done) to use with these apps?


What is the easiest way to go about this? I'm happy to answer any questions I can to help point us in the right direction. 


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My recommendation is that you get this person who is supposed to work on this to get it done now instead of delaying it. This will get very messy really fast if you don't do it right. Then you will have to go back later and fix it, which will inconvenience you and the users of the iPads. You may also violate Microsoft's EULA. Have you looked up the documentation for getting this setup?