Single Sign-On Extensions issue with login to some sites


I'm working on setting up Single Sign-On Extensions for Catalina. I'm following the guide from Apple on how to setup "". Everything is working pretty good. I assigned the Configuration Profile to my test machines and I get the "Kerberos Extra Menu" and then I sign in.

I did some testing and made sure that i do get the kerberos TGT when I sign in or connect to our company network. So, that is all good.

The two problems that I have are:

  1. I can't get to the login page for the JAMF admin portal in Safari. Firefox and Chrome are working fine. In Safari, the page gets stuck loading about 20% and just sits there. 2.The problem is signing into our Citrix Workspace app. When i click on "sign in" it doesn't do anything.

If I remove the the SSO Extension Configuration Profile, then both of these will work just fine.

Has anyone else seen this?
macOS 10.15.4
Safari 13.1
JAMF 10.20.1 (on-prem server)