Skype for Business Auto Detect Servers

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Trying to get Skype for Business deployed to some macs. It will install with no issues however when signing in, it will not auto detect servers. Microsoft help is lacking. Anyone have any experience with deploying Skype for business via JAMFand having it auto detect servers?


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I don't have a good answer for you but I will say it is likely more a server side/environment issue than a client configuration. Auto detection is just that, and if a machine isn't getting it I would probably start looking at DNS as the likely culprit.

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Been having the same issue. Still looking for a working solution however so far it seems like we will have to have users manually put in server info.

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We're seeing the same thing. Hopefully, our Exchange team can tweak something on their end. Otherwise, we'd have to enter the User Name manually (screenshot), which is a few clicks.

Hopefully,​ there is a better way?