Sleep Wake Failure

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I am having some issues with a group of MacBook Airs I put into a lab this fall.
They keep freezing or rebooting after sleep or logging out the user.
I have a lab of 25 with local accounts we use with K-2 grades. Each day about 10 or so will behave this way. Sometimes it just freezes for a while then reboots on it's own, but lately it seems to never reboot.
The freezes sometime would coincide with JAMF inventory, but I stopped doing regular inventory.
I removed Sophos. I zapped the PRAM and set the computers not to sleep or hibernate.
Many times when I log in as admin after a freeze/crash I get the notification from apple with diagnostic information. They say it is a 'Sleep Wake Failure'

I know Sleep Wake Failure is a problem but I wonder if anyone is dealing with it to this extent.
These Macs are using the OS it shipped with (started at 10.13.4). I ran the software update and I used policies to install software and settings. I did reinstall the OS on a few and rebuild a few with a clean install on 10.13.6. Time will tell if any of those crash. Any advice would be appreciated.


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I 'd check the LaunchAgents running on the affected machines.
I've had a couple of instances over the years where LaunchAgents would prevent machines from logging out because the agent couldn't be quit, last time round it was a very out of date Canon launch agent to support an old camera.
Not sure how this would relate to Sleep / Wake, but LaunchAgents and LaunchDaemons are the extra processes most likely to be running so still likely suspects.

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Hi, I'm seeing extensive issues with this. BridgeOS kernal panics on wake from hibernate on DEP-scoped machines on very basic managed deployment. my new 27" iMac (sans T2 chip) and 2016 MacBook Air on the same DEP account and same managed workflow work as expected. My 3 new 2018 MacBook Pro's (eg. T2 equiped) are all seeing kernal panics citing BridgeOS, with symptoms wildly reduced after Supplimental Update 2.


You sure you don't have a config profile that is set to log out inactive users after 20 mins? For some stupid reason it enables itself i think when you add a restriction profile.

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Does the issue return if you delete the safe sleep image from one of the affected Macs? It's not as easy to delete in 10.13+ but I think it can be done by disabling SIP, deleting safe sleep image, then enabling SIP (System Integrity Protection) again.

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I haven't tried deleting the safe sleep image yet.
That is this file, right? /var/vm/sleepimage

It usually happens after a user is logged out and the lid has been shut for a while.
Out of a cart of 25 I will typically find 5 in this state at the end of the day. Most of the time if I leave them open they will reboot in 5 or 10 minutes. Dark screen with the backlight on. No cursor. the machine still checks into JAMF and I have been able to Ssh on once.
When I log in afterwards it will tell me the machine rebooted because if an error. When I look at the log Apple wants to send it says it was a Sleep Wake Failure.

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Has anyone made any headway on this? I've been battling this issue as well. I just set up a 2018 MacBook Air T2 laptop from scratch again. Same story, non-T2 machines do not have the sleep wake issue, or the Bridge OS problem--I've seen both. We are going to order the previous generation MacBook Air for our students next year because of this issue.

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I've got the same problem with a few MACS on my network too. It seemed to start when I started forcing MacOS updates. The machines in question are running Catalina, 10.15.7. I have a configuration policy to force password when wakes from sleep. Logout for inactivity is not checked.

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