slftool Remove items

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Hi Guys,

So I have been playing around with the slftool and wondered if there was a way of removing items like how it adds them?


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I started an sfltool thread yesterday!
Seems you can dump one, restore one, save one, but not delete items. You could clear one out and start over perhaps. I hope some documentation appears soon.

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Enroll into the Apple Dev Program and start playing with macOS Sierra (10.12). ;)

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sfltool is interesting. Hardly any information on its syntax and usage other than this sparse blurb:

Usage: sfltool list-info|restore|save-lists|test|enable-modern|archive|disable-modern|dump-storage|add-item [options]

Great way to deploy SMB and NFS server URLs (i.e.; OS X's "Connect to Server" box). This is pretty cool.

Id love to be able to remove items from the Finder Sidebar with a simple one-liner command as oppsoed to a collection of scripts and binaries (overkill for my environment). I just want to kill stuff like the "All My Files" and "AirDrop" icons from the Sidebar on new deployments.

Where do the slftool settings get written to? I havent ran any fs tools to see where these settings are located.

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Where do the slftool settings get written to?

The settings are written to the files in the following directory:

"~/Library/Application Support/"

The "sfl" in sfltool stands for sharedfilelist. I'm using it to populate the Favorite Servers list in the Connect to Server dialog box, but I agree with others that there needs to be significantly more documentation about what this tool allows us to accomplish.