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So we have migrated to the new Apple Business Manager and VPP programs. I have found documentation scarce and poor. We completed a support engagement with JAMF where it was determined that we needed to use location based tokens for each of our office...
Been batting this one around for a few weeks, and finally discovered that Citrix has silently put in a mechanism to deal with their faulty script. The script runs properly when double clicking a pkg, but fails when run from management. To get around ...
I have been using this with a login / self service trigger to add servers to the connect to server dialog.just place the server address in Parameter 4 of your policy. If your share name has spaces in it, you must use %20. You can edit it and use two ...
Please use the code block feature for posting scripts or snippets. Automatic formatting can mangle a perfectly good script!
Is there a way to schedule or stop the automatic Cache Deletion processes on 10.12 triggered by deleteD? MailCacheDelete is triggering my banned every hour or so. Killed blacklisted process "" at path "/Applications/