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I wasn't able to attend this event - does anyone know if the slides for this event have been posted yet?

Or better yet, is there plans to aggregate all the sessions into one handy place for all of JNUC 2014? That would be appreciated.

EDIT: I found the videos, but the slides would be nice as well; videos are here:


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I realized you can find each session on the JAMF news blog at

The UI session is here, I imagine the pages will be updated as slides and video become available.


Hi! That was Arek and I's session. I have the slides on my personal laptop but that is at home. I'll get them uploaded after I get home from work today. Should have uploaded them already but travel and Blackhawks games got in the way.

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Howdy @colonelpanic,
I attended the presentation, great job & thanks. Arek mentioned something early on about developing UI's with python..
He referred specifically to a presentation or resource on this that I wanted to track down, I think by someone named Bryce? Was there a reference for that in the slides, or do you have any leads on that?

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@colonelpanic Blackhawks games > pretty much anything else ever

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Found it on the presentation... For anyone else looking, here is the python GUI resource Arek referred to:
Author/presenter was @brysontyrrell. Bryson, is there a url for video from your presentation?
Thank you!

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Thanks Adam, I found that one:) I'm looking for video for a presentation that they refer to in Pop & Practicality, the aforementioned "Python-for-the-Bash-Scripter" by Bryson Tyrrell
Looks like it may have originally been at a jnuc?
Not a big deal, the slides have alot of info.. but was asking in case it's out there.

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Hi @mathieu

I haven't done any Python presentations for JAMF yet. I was invited to do one remotely for one of the Macbrained meet-ups (I think it was the one held at Okta?). They did a video over Ustream but I can't find a link to any recording.

I did post the sample code for the GUI shown in the presentation here so you can see how Tkinter works:

If you strip out the comments (or even the embedded graphic) you'll see that you can create complex user interfaces with not a lot of lines of code and completely customized.

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Thanks Bryson, that's awesome. I've been meaning to get into python, have need for a gui beyond CocoaDialog or Applescript.. I think this will be very helpful:)

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@colonelpanic just watched your presentation again any chance you can post a sanitized version of some of those scripts?