Small set of devices ignoring Sonoma Update Deadline

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We're loving the new features with MacOS Sonoma, Apple has for the most part fixed the broken update commands which were hit or miss before, we'd often have 30-40% of devices actually updating from the command.

We have a small set of devices (approx. 10) that are currently on MacOS 14.0 but are not sticking to their MacOS 14.1 update deadline which was pushed out for an enforced date of a few weeks ago.

The devices in question are checking in as normal and receiving new policies and providing inventory updates as expected. 95% of the other devices are working to the deadline and updating as expected which.

Has anyone else experienced this before I open a case with Jamf Support?


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Hi @jamf_pro_admin 

It's great to hear that you're enjoying the new features with MacOS Sonoma, and it's promising that Apple has improved the update commands. Regarding the small set of devices not adhering to the MacOS 14.1 update deadline, it's interesting that they are checking in as normal and receiving new policies, yet the update isn't progressing as expected. While 95% of your other devices are updating on schedule, it's possible that there might be specific factors influencing this subset of devices. Before opening a case with Jamf Support, it could be worthwhile to check if there are any unique configurations or settings on these 10 devices that might be impacting the update process.

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