Smard Card Preference Pane Unlock

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I just setup attribute mapping Smart Card support in our environment, where we previously used Centrify to handle that aspect. In my test bed everything looks great except I can't unlock preference panes with the Smart Card. Is this a known limitation of Apple's native middleware? I did notice when I ran an upgrade from 10.12 to 10.14 the authorization window that presented let me use my Smart Card PIN to elevate that process, so that functionality is working. All the systems I'm using are 10.12 and up, mostly 10.14 latest.


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Any fix for this. We currently have the same issue.


This is not a known issue as far as I know. Certain preference panes require password auth as well as smart card because of FileVault and keychain stuff but in my experience the OS take the smart card if offered and then specifically ask for the password after. Is it possible there are still vestiges of your Centrify install hanging around gumming things up?