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Say what you will about Jamf Remote, but I found it quite useful for support. It let me keep screen sharing disabled to meet compliance, while still allowing me to use it when I needed it.I still have the app from its last version, however after upgr...
This is after upgrading my on-prem server to 10.22.0. Running from a Catalina machine. Anyone else seeing this issue?
I created a couple of custom schemas in JSON for this new feature. Just cause I'm excited about it! I learned JSON schemas today to do this, so they might be a little basic but maybe someone will find them useful.Enterprise Connect: { "$schema": "htt...
I just upgraded to 10.18 on-prem. I can't find much info on Bootstrap Tokens in the documentation. Anyone here know how to turn it on/use it? I tried running profiles install -type bootstraptoken on my own test machine but I get an error saying profi...
I can't seem to access the Jamf Pro web interface using my server's DNS name from Safari 13 in Catalina. This has been true throughout beta testing. When I navigate to it I get no errors or any output. Just a white window with the progress bar stuck ...