Smart Group Based on IP Range.

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I'm attempting to create a smart group based on an IP range. so say for example I want everything under 11.9.x.x in a group. Any suggestions?


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Criteria: IP Address
Operator: Like
Value 11.9

Understand that once the device IP changes outside of the range the device will fall out of scope.
What are you trying to accomplish?

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You would need to update the inventory whenever the IP changes, otherwise your SG will always be out of date and the scope wrong...

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Hi @GiveEmHelms ,
If you are not already, I'd look into utilizing Network Segments in Jamf Pro. You can set a IP ranges and even assign them to different buildings or departments.


When you create a policy, you can select All Computers (Or another Smart Group) and then limit it to a selected Network Segment.


While Network Segments are not part of Smart Group criteria, you could associate the Network Segment with a Building or Department and create Smart Groups with Building or Department as your criteria. Just be sure to Override in Inventory if you select this approach: