Smart Group criteria "Less than X days ago" not functioning as expected

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I'm on JSS 9.2 and I setup a smart group last week that looks for "Last Enrollment" using the "Less than X days ago" criteria. I have the value set to 2. I think its matching all machines with last enrollment being 2 days prior to when i setup the smart group. In other words, i setup the smart group on 10/26 and i still a have machines in the group that are 10/24. Today is 11/4. So, i just edited the value to 3 and save it. That caused all the ones that were more than 3 days old to disappear. But, i'm thinking the 3 day old enrolled devices that are there today will still be there tomorrow.



Smart groups are broken in 9.2.
You're going to have to wait until 9.2.1 before they are fixed. It's a known issue and should hopefully be resolved very soon.

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To what degree are smart groups broken? I have smart groups that appear to functioning normally.

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almost 11 years later and I am encountering the exact same issue. i searched this site hoping for answers, but....