Smart group not seeing cached installers

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Hi all, I have had to take over a JAMF Pro deployment that had been managed by an ex-colleague. We thought we'd covered everything in his handover, but of course the devil is in the detail!

So, I'm trying to deploy Monterey to some of our Macs but the policies and groups aren't working as I would have expected. There is a policy to cache the installer to compatible machines, which shows 40 odd devices in the log. But the smart group to find these devices, which is the scope for the policy to pop the installer in Self Service only shows 4.

Also have a problem with that second policy, but maybe it would be better to start another thread for that?

I'll be guided by you on that though.



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Double check the policy to make sure that it is updating the inventory at the end. 

If you are building Smart Computer Groups of completed policies or if an application is installed you will need to make sure that the systems inventory is updated. 

Otherwise your Smart Group numbers will climb as the systems update their inventory at the next update time. 


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Hi caffine247, yes, the update inventory option is checked on the installer deployment policy. However, when I tried flushing the policy on a couple of devices earlier, they then appeared in the smart group. I didn't want to flush the whole group of 40 machines as it is a big download. I don't understand why running the policy the first time hasn't put the devices in the group though? I guess one possible explanation might be that the option to update the inventory wasn't checked?

So I ran jamf recon on one of the machines that says the installer has been cached according to the logs, and it still hasn't appeared in the smart group.
So I then flushed the installer cache policy for a machine and the machine has now had the second policy run on it (it may have appeared in the smart group, I wasn't quick enough!) I will need to wait until tomorrow to get feedback from the user to see if the installer has appeared in Self Service, but it does look promising.