Smart group not working



I'm using Autopkgr to magically update macs.

As part of this, a smart group has been created that is meant to contain all the Macs that do not have Microsoft Remote Desktop. I know that no Macs have this app, and yet the smart group is empty.

I have attached a screen shot of the criteria for the smart group.

Any ideas anyone?



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try to group the criteria - application title and version as one criteria, computer group as another. means, use the leading bracket before application title the closing bracket after application version.

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Hi Tim,

I think the logic is not quite right.

1) The first line - operator should be IS NOT
2) Line 2 sounds like you are trying to do something more than you say - trying to eliminate possible machines that have it installed even though you say none do - I'd toss that line at least for now

I usually start just with one line and work up from that πŸ™‚



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Hi Tim,

In the criteria you are saying that "the application exists but the version is wrong". Change the first line to a negative (because the you want the app to not exist) as @dlondon has said and remove the second line. The way you have it now would be good for updating existing versions of RDC.


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Agreed with the comments here. If you only want Macs without the application installed, the first criteria needs to be changed to "does not have" as the operator, then get rid of the version check criteria as that's irrelevant if its not installed.


Thanks everyone.
I think I was presuming it would work if the app wasn't installed at all, whereas actually the smart group is designed for updating the app when it is already installed.