smart group populating incorrectly..

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After having migrated our MySQL database from 5.6.x to 5.5.x, the database is populating with incorrect data. I had to re-save criteria on smart groups several times in order to gather valid machines. I'm wondering if there's a particular query I can run on our database to zone in on possible null values or other erroneous data within the table which contains smart computer groups. Does anyone have any experience or knowledge of this?



There seem to be a few issues around Smart Groups not updating properly in a number of cases in Casper 9 and there are a few threads similar to this one... I have been in touch with support a few times since upgrading about Smart Groups that did not update automatically and we found a few bugs (D-006041 and D-006066) that apparently they will be fixing in an upcoming release.

I don't know if this applies to yourselves but would the affected Smart Groups use extension attributes? This seemed to be the problem with us and in particular with pop-up menu extension attributes that we created manually.

If so, I'd be happy to share how we fixed the issue until the defects are rectified.

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Actually, we're still using 8.73 and none of the smart groups were using extension attributes. Would your resolve apply regardless of these facts?

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I am having a problem with MySql locking up. I set up a drop down list using Extension Attributes and MySQL tends to lock up from time to time. We are up to date at 9.31. If you can share your fix, I would appreciate it.

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We are currently on 9.22 and see any Smart Group that is based on an extension attribute have this issue where the group membership continues to grow and grow. It's calculated once properly and then as systems check in it grows until all 28,000 systems are in that collection. I feel this is a 9.22 defect, does anyone see this on 9.32? Super annoying and really limits the product.

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We are at 9.24 currently and have seen smart groups not apply the settings when copied but nothing of the caliber that is being mentioned here.

Our resolution is to open and resave the smart group and it appears to resolve itself.